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Our Vision

The Heart of Mercia Academy Trust will be a highly respected educational provider for all its students.  Students will have the autonomy and responsibility to grow, acquire skills and make decisions within a supportive, caring environment and will have high expectations placed upon them. They will flourish not just academically but socially and in terms of their wider skills.  This will enable them to be highly successful in their personal lives, in further study and in employment.

Member organisations will retain their unique identities and links with their immediate communities, but will share a commitment to Heart of Mercia Academy Trust’s Mission and Values.

The Heart of Mercia Academy Trust will operate efficiently to maximise the resources that are devoted to teaching and learning and to creating attractive and sustainable environments for people to work and learn.  This will be achieved through collaborative purchasing and working across all member organisations wherever beneficial and through consistently applying best practice in financial control.

The Heart of Mercia Academy Trust will be a supportive employer with many opportunities for staff to share best practice through formal and informal staff development across all member organisations of the Trust. 

As a growing Trust, our key objectives are as follows:

  • To allow for for existing associate members in the special school phase, secondary phase and primary phase to join officially.
  • Adding at least one strong secondary school to allow for robust collaboration in the secondary phase.
  • Adding at least two primary schools to allow for collaboration with the associate primary school wishing to join the Trust.
  • To develop the hub model by adding a school/small Trust in the Worcester and/or Dudley region.
  • Be open to a sixth form college in an appropriate region joining the Trust.

While the character and autonomy of each institution is celebrated within our Trust, we share collective values.

The Heart of Mercia Academy Trust will enable autonomous institutions to provide a range of excellent learning opportunities in a positive, friendly, tolerant and collaborative culture allowing all to fulfil their potential and meet their individual goals.

Educational excellence


Ensuring our students are ready for the real world

Creating an enjoyable experience