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Our Trust


The Heart of Mercia Multi-Academy Trust was formed in April 2019. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved in a relatively short period of time including the collaboration and mutual support that takes place between our academies and the strength that comes from being part of a collective.

The Trust currently consists of three sixth form colleges (Hereford, King Edward’s Stourbridge and Worcester) and two high schools (The Chantry and John Kyrle).

Our key focus and priority continues to be ensuring that our students achieve their academic potential. This includes providing excellent opportunities for enrichment and support that ensure they are best prepared to progress to the next stage of their education or career.


How much autonomy would each college or school within the Trust retain?

Autonomy is a fundamental characteristic of our Trust. We aim to give each institution as much autonomy as possible. All academies within the Trust would maintain their individual ethos as we think this is a strength of the Trust. All academies who join the Trust, however, should align themselves to our values, ethos and strategic direction.

What are the advantages in joining the Heart of Mercia Multi-Academy Trust?

We feel that additional support, challenge and accountability are essential for maintaining high standards and excellence. We believe that there are clear benefits and advantages of being part of our Trust, including:

  • sharing best practice, expertise and resources through collaborative working with the other institutions in the MAT;
  • maintaining and developing a shared vision and ethos;
  • having opportunities for staff to benefit from working in a larger organisation with access to high quality training, development and career opportunities. The Trust has been shortlisted in the MAT Excellence Awards for the Staff Development opportunities we have provided for our staff;
  • succession planning and retaining and developing staff, including at leadership level;
  • efficiencies and economies of scale through procurement or co-ordinating central Trust responses to government initiatives or changing educational policy.

The Future of the Heart of Mercia Multi-Academy Trust

We anticipate that our MAT will continue to grow in a planned, gradual and carefully considered way perhaps with other sixth form colleges, high schools and primary schools joining if it is the right thing for the Trust and the institution. As a Trust of five at present, we are already benefitting from the devolved capital funding that comes with being a Trust of this size. This is clearly a benefit to all institutions within the Trust.

Any college or school wishing to join the Trust has to be subject to “due diligence” in accordance with DfE guidance to identify any issues in the educational performance, financial position and conditions of buildings and to ensure that there are no significant liabilities. If approved by Trustees, the final decision on whether a college or school can join our Trust is taken by the DfE Regional Schools Commissioner. A Scheme of Delegation sets out the relationship between Trustees, Local Governing Bodies and the Executive.

What is the structure of the Trust?

The Board of Trustees, which is the overarching body responsible for the whole Trust, would be responsible for strategic aspects, financial planning, strategic staff development and policies. The Local Governing Bodies, each with a board of governors from a variety of backgrounds with relevant skills and knowledge, would be responsible for a wide range of areas covering all aspects of college or school life. The Trust has an approved set of Operating Principles for the Local Governing Body to which each academy would adhere.

The Executive Group sits separately from the Trust and is the key operational body and includes the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, the Principals or Headteachers of each academy and others with a significant Trust role as required (including quality, curriculum, IT, HR, safeguarding, CPD, premises, health and safety and marketing).

How can colleges or schools find out more about joining our Trust?

If you are a college or school leader who would like an informal, initial discussion with the Heart of Mercia about our values and strategy and whether your future might sit with us, please contact us – (info@heartofmercia.org).